This collection of drone LUTs includes 7 styled colour grades with 13 options to give your video footage an authentic look. Also included is a correction LUT if you just want a natural looking image. 


Modelled on some of my favourite imagery, I have created this pack to give you various stylistic options without the need to start the colour grading process from scratch. I have however, added a base version of each LUT so that you have full flexibility with contrast and exposure. Something I did for the Retro LUT pack too. 


This pack was made using the DJI Mavic 3 D-log profile, but work great for any D-Log footage.

**All LUTS on the market require some additional tweaking to suit your exposure, settings, and your style, so these can slot into your editing tool box. Look out for tutorials on my youtube channel. 


See info for what's included:

D-Log Drone LUT Pack

  • 7 Individual styled LUTs with 13 options...

    1. D-Log Correction LUT FULL
    2. D-Log Correction LUT BASE
    3. Film LUT FULL
    4. Film LUT BASE
    5. Vintage LUT FULL
    6. Vintage LUT BASE
    7. Retro LUT FULL
    8. Retro LUT BASE
    9. Jet LUT FULL
    10. Jet LUT BASE
    11. Gloom LUT FULL
    12. Gloom LUT BASE
    13. Snap Shot BASE (No Full version)