Bring your animated text and productions to life with these authentic Camera Sound Effects!

Professionally recorded Vintage and Mirrorless camera sounds to use on your videos. 


I have captured almost every sound a camera makes so that you can add realistic sfx to your video productions and animated text. 


20 SFX including: Mirrorles shutter, vintage camera shutter, lens attachment, control ring swipe, scroll wheels, and many more! (See the info section 'included sounds' for the full list)


You will recieve 20 mp3 files and 20 WAV files to simply drag and drop into your editing program of choice. Use on any program that supports mp3 or WAV files. 


** £5 OR FREE with any other purchase on the site. Simply add any product to your basket along with the Camera SFX pack, type in code: FREESFX and your discount will be applied at the checkout. 


  • Attach Lens

    Camera Wind

    Camera Wind and Click

    Lens Barrel Zoom in

    Lens Barrel Zoom Out

    Lens Cap On

    Lens Cap Spin

    Lens Control Ring (Back and Forth)

    Lens Control Ring Medium

    Lens Control Ring Slow

    Lens Control Ring Quick

    Memory Card Door Close

    Mirrorless Shutter Click

    Mirrorless Shutter Click Double

    Mirrorless Shutter Click Triple

    Old School Shutter Click

    Open Battery Door and Remove Battery

    Replace Battery and Close Door

    Scroll Wheel 1

    Scroll Wheel 2