Speed up your editing workflow and improve your sound quality with these audio presets! Just drag the preset into your editing window and apply to the clip. It's that easy!


The pack contains audio presets for the most popular audio applications such as indoor/outdoor vlogging, tutorial style videos, podcasts and much more. I have also included a variety of audio sources such as, GoPro, smartphone, camera audio and a range of external microphones. So no matter what you're using to create your videos, you'll find a preset here to match. 


I have created these presets and fine-tuned them using a variety of audio outputs including, laptop speakers, studio-quality headphones and studio speakers, to make sure these presets transfer well onto a variety of different playback devices. I have also specifically designed the EQ and compression based on male and female voices, as well as the original audio sources used. 


I hope you enjoy these presets and they manage to speed up your workflow allowing you more time to focus on the finer things in life. 


Click here to watch the video to see how to install these presets.


  • After purchasing and downloading this Audio Preset Pack, you will receive an email containing your link to download these files. Please save them to a safe place on your computer or hard drive. 

    Specifically created for Adobe Premiere Pro. 

    The file types are '.prfpset' Please double check that these file types are compatible with your editing software BEFORE puchasing. 

    Click here to watch the video to see how to install these presets.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Vlogging

    Inside Car


    Tutorial Video

    Male / Female

    Audio Sources - GoPro , Smartphone, Camera Audio (no external microphone), mini microphone, pro microphone. 

    Dynamic (Low Compression) / Strong (High Compression)