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I know how difficult it is to make videos when you first get started. From figuring out how to use your new camera, to working with the editing software. And that's all before you even start to develop your own creative style!

My mission is to help you minimise those pesky barriers that get in the way of your learning and provide lessons, tools and mindsets that develop your skills. That's what my youtube channel is all about. 


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Here you'll find video making assets that help you get a better look AND sound! These assets are colour LUTs and audio preset packs. They are designed to be dragged and dropped onto your clips with minimal tweaks, so you don't have to worry about colour science, scopes, equalisation, mastering, and instead, you can focus on getting those creative juices flowing. 

I have designed these assets for both, FCPX & Premiere Pro, so have a look around this website and hopefully you'll find something that will take your creativity and film-making to the next level! Thanks for stopping by. 

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